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by Alain & Annette

This is a PDF-format checklist (you need the free Acrobat Reader for this) similar to the one used at official dealerships during the regular inspections of TD5 Defenders. All jobs are to be carried out by the mechanic in charge and checked on the list when done.

The first line titeled 6/10000 is for the first inspection on a new car. After this regular inspections (titeled as 12/20000 and 24/40000) only.

What's interesting is the oil change intervals of only once a year! I believe it's good enough to bring it over the warranty period but strongly doubt about the cleverness behind. Read my thoughts on oil changes.

Additionally to the PDF-file the following modified intervals apply (according to Land Rover)

Used in: What to check: Work to be done: Intervals:
V W X Z Engine oil Replace Every 10.000 km or 6 months
W Y Engine air filter Sevice Every 5.000 km or 3 months
W Y Diesel fuel filter Replace Every 10.000 km or 6 months
W Y Purge fuel sedimenter Service Every 10.000 km or 6 months
X Check radiator hoses Inspect Every 10.000 km or 6 months
W X Y Check rubber belts Inspect Every 10.000 km or 6 months
W X Y Z Wheel bearings Grease Every 40.000 km or 24 months
X Y Z Transmission oil Change Every 20.000 km or 12 months
W Y Z Brakes, front and rear Inspect Every 5.000 km or 3 months
W Y Suspension and steering parts Inspect Every 10.000 km or 6 months
W X Y Prop shafts front and rear Grease Every 5.000 km or 6 months
V = Short journeys (up to 8 km/5miles), stop-and-go trafic, long idle periods
W = Dusty or sandy conditions
X = Extreme heat
Y = Corrugated roads, mud or water
Z = Towing a trailer or driving in montains